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Accidents in the Workplace

We outline the following steps that you should undertake if unfortunate enough to be involved in a workplace accident

If you are involved in an accident while at work or on your way to work, you may be entitled to claim compensation. This is why it is very important to understand what actions to take in in this instance. 

The employer is under a strict legal duty to provide you with a safe place of work, a safe system of work and co-employees who are correctly trained in their field of employment. In addition to this, there are also strict obligations on employers under the Health and Safety legislation and other legislation in this area.

We have outlined the following steps that you should undertake if unfortunate enough to be involved in a workplace accident:

1. If necessary, you should seek medical help from your local GP or hospital.

2. Report the accident to your employer.
An employer is obliged to report any accidents to the Health and Safety Authority when an employee is missing 3 consecutive days at work (not including the day of the accident).

3. Record loss of earnings.
Your employer is not obliged to pay you whilst you are out of work even if the accident was caused by the fault or negligence of your employer. However, any loss of earnings incurred can be recovered at a later stage as part of your insurance claim for compensation arising from your workplace accident.

4. Speak with your solicitor.
Your solicitor is employed by you to protect your interests. They will work with you to ensure you have everything you need to make your claim, and they will always act in your best interest.

5. If possible, keep a note of witnesses & take photographic evidence of the accident.
It is advisable to get the names and details of any witnesses to the accident at work as your solicitor may want to contact them at a later stage to retrieve a statement.

If it is possible, take a photograph of where the accident occurred. This is not always possible and discretion is advised. It would also be helpful to take some photographs of your injuries sustained in the accident at work.

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