Prevent injury this Winter

Prevent Injuries this Winter

In this blog post, we share guidelines for those who have are unfortunate enough to experience such incidents, and what they should do in the case of a personal injury.

Many thousands of people are injured each year – some very seriously – when they slip or trip on dangerous floors, stairs, or unsteady ground. With the icy cold weather approaching, we have to be particularly careful to avoid such accidents.

To prevent injuries from happening on icy and winter conditions, our advice is to:
  • Wear adequate footgear 
  • Take caution when walking, even if you are in a rush, walk slowly and never run on icy ground. 
  • Use handrails when you can 
  • Keep footpaths and your home entry clear of debris and slippery materials 
  • When taking a commute during the winter weather, you should be mindful of the following: 
  • Plan ahead to give yourself sufficient time to plan your route 
  • Wear shoes that provide traction on snow or nice (rubber or neoprene composite) 
  • Should a pathway be covered in ice, walk on the grass edge for traction! 
  • If you are presented with an icy pathway, you should: 
  • Take short steps or shuffle 
  • Walk flat footed so that you center of gravity is directly over your feet 
  • Should you fall, avoid using your arms to protect your fall. Attempt to roll rather than falling forward. 
  • Always protect yourself, rather than the objects you are carrying. 

As well, if you are entering buildings or your place of work, always remember to remove snow from your footwear so that you can prevent slippery conditions indoors!

Should an accident happen where you slip and trip during this snow and icy conditions, our advice would be to:

Seek Medical Assistance

The first thing you need to do is seek medical help. Even if your injuries are not readily apparent, you should see a doctor because many injuries are not immediately obvious.

Contact a Solicitor

After you have received the appropriate medical attention, you should contact an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer. After hearing the details of your accident and injury, your solicitor can advise you on whether or not you have a valid personal injury claim.

No matter what the personal injury case is, always remember to look after your health and safety and contact a solicitor as soon as you can. If you have any further questions on personal injuries, you can get in touch with Flanagan & Co here.

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